Thursday, July 21, 2011

[Notice from CNr] Jung Min Off to Taiwan

Jung Min went to Taiwan today and will be staying there for quite sometime to start his first Chinese drama. There are pix already posted and will be shoving later. Here's CNr's notice about his departure to Taiwan. Thanks to rainaftershine for sharing on her blog.


[CNR Notice] Park Jung Min Taiwan drama shooting

Chinese translation: 피오나 @ PJM IFC (
English translation:
Please repost with full credits.

Hello, this is CNR Media.

Park Jung Min have departed to Taiwan today.

Starring in a Taiwanese Drama,
he will be staying in Taiwan for a period of time to film this drama.
Therefore, this schedule will take longer than usual.

Please lend a hand/help Park Jung Min who is in Taiwan.
And also give him lots of support and concern.

Thank you.


sinthia said...

I wonder how his character will be in this drama... it would be a main role? But how will he do if he is still learning chinese!õ.O

Alex said...

He's already left and yet we still don't have any idea what the plot is :))
Better not an idol drama anymore, those kind of drama is on the other side of it's popularity.