Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[Vid] Hyung Jun @ Made in BS Japan 07.27.11

Prettyboy (@) just tweeted Hyung Jun's clip in today's Made in BS Japan and posted on their official YT channel . Much thanks!

Hyung Jun's drawing skill was challenged once again. Despite being under time pressure his drawings are cute especially the first one. I have an idea what he has drawn but I am not too sure if I got them correctly. Hope someone will tell us. ^_^ Ei, Hyung Jun mentioned Jung Min (stick man) in his last drawing.

Hyung Jun is back in SK from Japan for the promotions for his just released (today) 'Long Night'. Before I end this post here is a set of photos from the single which according to veggiedelight she got from Baidu.


Anonymous said...

i like the first pic! HJB fighting!

Anonymous said...

Baby is the cutie, non-TS knows that! Even outside of Triple S fandom his cuteness has been compared with Beast's main vocal Yoseob

Anonymous said...

he is really cute in the pics. i like this style more on him than the ones when his fringe is pushed back to make him look older