Sunday, July 24, 2011

Liberty Times Article on Kim Hyung Jun

Thanks to ONLY JUN for the translation of this article HERE.

In this article Hyung Jun talked about having 3 relationships, the number of kids he wants to have when he gets married and more.


[News] Kim Hyung Jun and Cha Seung Won both in Taiwan, H as Announced his Fighting Strategy
Source: Liberty Times
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SS501 Kim Hyung Jun who would be holding his Taiwan Fan Meeting tonight at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, revealed his sad relationship history. He stated, he had three relationships, and was being betrayed twice, so he hopes that he can have a relationship in which he would not be betrayed. Kim Hyung Jun said that he is still single, his ideal girl is “feminine, caring, and likes to smile”, and he hopes to have 3 kids after he gets married!

Kim Hyung Jun Fan Meeting clashes with that of Cha Seung Won, he expressed that he has a lot of respect for this senior, but he has already fully prepared himself. He will have many segments in which he would interact with fans, and also dance moves that could dance until his legs ache. Previously in Hong Kong, he sat on fan’s thighs and even kneeled while singing, this time he would also try to fulfill Taiwanese fans’ requests.

Once he touched down in Taiwan, Kim Hyung Jun received fans’ flower bouquet and flowers to pre-celebrate his birthday for him, he happily stated that Taiwanese are very warm and friendly, food is also nice. Recently he is on a diet so he only ate chicken breast meat, but these two days he would definitely eat to his hearts’ content at the night market. Currently, 60% of his Fan Meeting tickets have been sold, hopefully he will give his last best shot. Kim Hyung Jun who admittedly said that he has gradually overcame his low confidence, and would be bringing yet another album to Taiwan at the end of the year.

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Someday you will get your dream girl, baby! Keep faith on it!