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[Trans] Young Saeng's Live Chat with Taiwan Fans 07.16.11

I am back. ^_^ I know I have been lagging in my post. Been busy with work but hopefully tomorrow I hope that my sked will have a bit of a free time.

I have posted HERE yesterday photos of Young Saeng from Warner Music Taiwan taken last Saturday during his live chat with Taiwan fans. I have actually read the rough translation of this post yesterday and has been waiting for someone to do the English translation. Slam did it some 7 hours to go and I am just posting it now. Anyway, much thanks Slam for sharing this on your blog.

Read below a post posted on Warner Music Taiwan regarding the exciting chat last Saturday with the special appearance of Kyu Jong. ^^


[Trans] SS501 [Main Vocalist] Heo Young Saeng Shy During Webcam Event, Kim Kyu Jong Surprise Appearance
Source: www.warnermusic.com.tw
Chinese to English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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SS501 [Main Vocalist] Heo Young Saeng was very shy during the webcam event, Kim Kyu Jong surprise appearance, fans shouted, "Surprised gift!!!" Unforgettable Taiwan fans giving "SUPPORT", hope to go Taiwan meet fans.

SS501 [Main Vocalist] Heo Young Saeng was very shy when meeting fans for the 1st time! Heo Young Saeng & [Prince Young Saeng Overseas Connection] Webcam event giving 50 lucky fans to have an initmate session with him for 1 hour, chatting about daily life, causing fans drowning in blissfulness. Promotion activities has come to an end, but Heo Young Saeng revealed that currently he is collecting new songs, hope that he will be able to show his new music projects to everyone soon. During the process of the webcam event, suddenly a special guest appeared, Kim Kyu Jong who just came back after a successful sold-out Musical [GOONG] from Japan, surprisingly appeared in front of the monitor screen, he greeted the Taiwan fans warmly. Even Warner Music Taiwan was not even aware of this surprise appearance. The surprised duo get together caused the fans to cheer "Surprised gift!!!" Heo Young Saeng said that he missed the fans in Taiwan cos he cant forget the warmth & passionate cheers from them during their concert which gave Young Saeng strength and boost his morale, if there is a chance, he hope to go Taiwan again to see the fans and also for shopping & sight-seeing.

SS501 [Main Vocalist] Heo Young Saeng has released his No.1 mini solo album "LET IT GO". On 16 Jul (Sat), he held his [Prince Young Saeng Overseas Connection] Webcam event, 50 lucky fans hav the chance to have a [Love Connection] thru the monitor screen with Heo Young Saeng. When Heo Young Saeng appeared via the monitor screen, all the fans started screaming in happiness, causing Young Saeng whom meeting the fans via the screen for the 1st time to be very shy, but very fast he greeted the fans in Mandarin "Hello everyone, I am Heo Young Saeng", and stated that he is very regretful not able to be in Taiwan to see everyone, thus have to make use of this webcam way, he feel seeing the fans making thru this way seems very interesting.

Chatting about after prior releasing "LET IT GO" album, did SS501 members gave him any advice, Heo Young Saeng replied amusingly, "Although the members did gave me advices, but the advices are not really of any use, just listen will do." causing everyone burst into laughter throughout. Heo Young Saeng is also very satisfied with his new image in this album, especially after wearing the sunglasses, transforming into a mature modern chic guy image which he feels that is the most handsome. When being asked any of his songs which reflected his opinion in relationship, Heo Young Saeng stated honestly that cos he does not have any girlfriend now, thus with regards to the feeling of the songs, they do not meet the current state of his mind as compared. Other than this, he disclosed that even though the album promotions is ending, but he has already started preparing for his next album and has been actively collecting songs, hope that he will be able to release his new music project in Oct.

As SS501 members Young Saeng & Kyu Jong belongs to the same company, thus when fans asked about Kyu Jong, Young Saeng stated that before he went to USA with Kyu Jong for vacation, due to the pressure of being a celebrity, coupled with the daily routine of sleeping late and waking up late, when in USA due to the relax mood, plus the time difference, instead they can really sleep early and wake up early every day. Thus if there is a chance he hope that they can go for another vacation to the USA. When being asked did he went to support Kyu Jong in Japan GOONG Musical, Heo Young Saeng gave his charming dimpled smile stating that his air ticket to Japan was already booked, but due to the last minute Inkigayo performance schedule with SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong, thus he can only apologised to Kyu Jong and cancelled his trip to Japan.

Never thought that during the event, not long after Heo Young Saeng revealed so many stuff, Kim Kyu Jong suddenly appeared on screen via the webcam in the company. When Kyu Jong knew that Young Saeng will be having his overseas webcam connection with Taiwan fans whom he have not seen for a very long time, he immediately went to the company to greet the fans. When the Taiwan fans saw the long absence Kyu Jong, one by one exclaimed that he is very handsome! Strong feeling buddies sitting together in front of the screen, this unexpected duo, even the Warner Music Taiwan was not even aware of this, causing the fans on present to be thoroughly touched, cheered.

If there is a chance for him to go for vacation, Heo Young Saeng hope that he can go to Taiwan. He wanna go to those place which has never been befor in Taiwan for sight-seeing. Heo Young Saeng expressed that he really missed the fans in Taiwan, cos before no matter where SS501 went anywhere for concerts, they can always see the fans from Taiwan cheering for them, the cheers and support given to them is full of warmth and very loud, thus giving them strength. Although there isnt any plans for him to visit Taiwan, but he hope to wait for Kyu Jong to have new projects so that they can go to Taiwan together to meet the fans, hope that they will continue to support them. Heo Young Saeng promise to continue working hard to show better music to everyone, hope the fans will anticipate.

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YoungSaeng didn't able to go in Japan because of HyunSaeng Special stage @ inki... Yeah OCT comeback can't wait 'til OCT... I hope comeback stage w/ kyujong