Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Article] Hyung Jun Cute Selca from Last Night

OSEN picked up this selca tweet of Hyung Jun last night from Japan and made an article about it. Read the article translated by elliefilet on AKP.


[News] SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun leaves a silly selca for fans
Source + Photo: OSEN via Nate
Courtesy of elliefilet / AllKPop

Singer Kim Hyung Jun seems to have been in a playful mood recently, as he shared a silly selca through his Twitter.

He tweeted, “I’m going to sleep now. Ooh Ohh. Sleep well,” and attached a snapshot of himself with a strange expression.

Fans and followers replied, “Completely cute,” “You look so bright and cheery even before you sleep,” and “Sleep well!”

Kim Hyung Jun released his first solo album, ‘Sleepless Night,’ in Japan on July 27th.


Anonymous said...

Lol I love baby's facial expression

Anonymous said...

I wonder who's inside his bedroom (Sadako?) If i said this in his twit, he might be scared lol does he sleep alone? >:D

Anonymous said...

lol even with that face .. he still handsome