Thursday, July 21, 2011

[Article] Jung Min to Start Filming in Taiwan for New Drama

Much thanks to rainaftershine for the translation of this news posted on her blog.

From news reported earlier, it was mentioned that Jung Min will probably stay in Taiwan for two months. I wonder how Jung Min will be fairing in Taiwan? Hope fans will treat him well and media will be nice to him.


[News] SS501 Park Jung Min “I will come back after filming a good Taiwan drama”

Source: bntnews
Chinese translation: 피오나 @ PJM IFC (
English translation:
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After SS501 Park Jung Min starred in a Japan mobile LISMO drama ‘Love Song in August’, he was then starred in a Taiwan drama which becomes a topic.

In order to film the Taiwan TV drama, Park Jung Min took a plane from Incheon International Airport to Taiwan, although he completed his drama press conference and UN concert in Japan, he actually smiled like sunshine and did not show signs of fatigue to the fans that send him off at the airport.

Park Jung Min said “Apart from starring in the drama, I will put in more effort in learning Chinese and acting. Everyone, please anticipate on my even perfect stance appearance.”

At the same time, he is also involved in his own Taiwan TV drama OST, and is also responsible for Korea, Japan and Taiwan OST, further consolidating his position of musician and actor.

Park Jung Min will be staying in Taiwan due to the filming of the drama.


sinthia said...

I'm so excited for this news... I thought his Taiwanese drama had been canceled. I'm anticipating this sooooooo much!! 8)
Wish it be a great hit!! ^^)

Alex said...

Even how the plots suck, any drama JM has participated so far have been great just because of JM's acting skills. Can't wait for any drama of his !

Anonymous said...

i like hoe his agency takes care of him...when Mal plans to do something, his agency and fans support him and everything materializes and becomes an achievement^^

way to go PJM