Thursday, July 28, 2011

[Vid & Pix] Hyung Jun @ Gimpo 07.27.11

Hyung Jun is back in Korea after several days in Japan to do promo for his new single 'Long Night'. Here's fancam from Prettyboy lifted from their

Thanks to Twirls for emailing these photos.

Hyung Jun is looking good make up less. His skin looks healthy.


kjneth05 said...

dear liezle,
He just went for a day in Japan on the 26th and came back on the 27th. I've read that he's coming back to Japan on the 29th.

Anonymous said...

he just look so cute with that slept in look when his fringe is down.

Anonymous said...

Hyung Jun will have a fanmeeting again in Japan from 29 to 31st July!

Anonymous said...

all our boys are looking so fine! (even without makeup)
but tired... please have ample rest so as to prepare for your comeback :)