Sunday, July 31, 2011

[FanCam & Pix] Young Saeng Performances @ Mnet Super Concert 07.30.11

I am moving this up since I added 2 more fancams from rmdkdl and BestYS from the tips of HYSmystyle on Twitter. Thanks!


There wasn't anything about Young Saeng yesterday until few hours before midnight last night fanclubs were tweeting photos of him perfroming at Mnet Super Concert.

Here are fancams of Young Saeng performing 'Out the Club' and 'Let It Go' by rmdkdl uploaded by and on their respective YT channels.

Here's a clip of Young Saeng preparing for his performance.

This clip is when he's talking to fans before performing 'Let it Go'.

And lastly, a clip of him performing 'Let It Go'.

Another 'Let It Go' performance this time from BestYS.

Did you see his reaction at the end of his performance when firecrackers went out? Cute, right?

Here's a vid from BestYS when Young Saeng was leaving the stage and firecrackers still popping.


I am adding here photos which I lifted from Baidu that came from BestYS.


Anonymous said...

Seems like he catches cold. Poor boy :( But he's so handsome with new hair-style and this vest.
At the end of LIG performance, he suddenly becomes a cute kid that is afraid of sound of burst. Wanna give him a big hug.
Thank you for sharing all infos about SS501, Liezle!

Anonymous said...

wow not only can he sing he can dance too check out those moves

simply magnificent