Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[Notice from B2M] Name Kyu Jong's Official Fan Club

Saw this information being tweeted yesterday. Thanks to slimz1808 for translating the info. Anyone willing to join?


[Trans] (FANCLUB) Name EVENT
FR www.kyu-jong.com
Korean to Chinese: redcat111
Posted on www.kimkyujong.com.cn
English translation by slimz1808
Hi everyone, this is B2M

An official Fanclub for KKJ!
The first step to setting up a fan club for all KKJ's fans is an invite to all to name the fan club.

Hope all can take part, use your brain juice a bit for this official naming event ^^

** KKJ Official FAN CLUB Naming application**

Application period:21 July 2011 - 24 July 2011 (Thursday-Thursday)
Submission manner:please send application to b2mfan@gmail.com
Name selection manner:Kyu shall shortlist 3-5 from all names submitted and the final name shall be determined via voting process which involves fans

Application email format
Subject line:[Kim Kyu Jong Official Fan Club naming application]
Email details:
2.Kyu's Homepage ID
3.Birth date/month/year
4.Contact details
5.Official FAN CLUB's name/meaning behind the name

Limited to 1 application per fan
Please adhere to the above application rules and format to avoid having your application voided.
Besides, because gmail does not have a 'received mail' feature there would be requests from fans for us to acknowledge receipt of their applications. However we do check our gmail regularly, appreciate everyone's understanding that there will not be any form of acknowledgment of receipt from us.

After the Fan Club name is selected, we will have a lucky draw amongst all applicants, giving away souvenirs. (Souvenirs will be announced at a later date)

A Fan Club set up by Kyu and his fans together!
Looking forward to everyone's participation

Thank You

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Anonymous said...

There's a typo on the translation. The original notice says application period is from 21 July - 28 July.