Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Trans] Young Saeng Met Taiwainese Fans Via Webcam Chat

Here's an article I lifted from Soompi regarding the live web chat of Young Saeng last Saturday. Thanks much jaychieh028 for sharing.


[News] SS501’s Heo Young Saeng Met Taiwanese fans Through Webcam Chat Event

Source: Korea Star Daily
Courtesy of jaychieh0208 / Soompi

A special event was held on July 16th by Warner Music Taiwan, which invited 50 lucky fans to chat with SS501’s Heo Young Saeng through webcam!

As he is about to wrap up his promotion activities for his first solo mini album “Let It Go”, Heo Young Saeng revealed through the chat that he started collecting songs for his next album. He hopes to release the new album in October and present fans with an even better music when he returns. He expressed his gratitude towards Taiwanese fans and promised to visit Taiwan when he has the chance.

When asked whether other members gave him any opinions on his first solo album, he laughed and said, “They did! But none of them were helpful!” Besides the music, he is satisfied with the concept as well, “I love it especially when I put sunglasses on, it feels like I am a mature, cool city man!”

During the chat, his fellow member, Kim Kyu Jong, showed up in the screen all of a sudden! Kim Kyu Jong has just successfully finished musical “Goong” (aka "Princess Hours") in Japan. His appearance and greeting took fans by surprise.

The two are now in the same agency and maintained a close relationship just like the old days. A fan asked whether he has gone to see Kyu Jong’s musical in Japan, he revealed that he couldn’t make it in the end because their leader Kim Hyun Joong asked him to go on a variety show together, even though he had booked the flight ticket and everything. It was a shame he couldn’t go and show his support for Kyu Jong, but he had to follow the leader’s "order"!


kelly said...

The original Chinese news article from Warner Taiwan did not say he must follow the leader's "order", but just that he has a variety to attend with leader which was last minute arranged and he just has to say sorry to KJ even though he is all ready to go.

Hopefully KJ can perform in South Korea too. YS must be disappointed not to be able to see KJ in his debut musical.

hani said...

well.. I think when or if he even said tht he needed 2 follow leader's order,he must be saying tht as a no need 2 take tht seriously :) ... tht variety show must be Happy 2gether at KBS 2.. n KBSW will aired it 2nite :))

liezle said...

Hi Kelly, that was what I read too earlier. Well, sometimes, Kr media likes to sensationalize things. ^_^

Hani, the show I believe is Inkigayo.


kelly said...

Yes, it is inkigayo, not happy together. I was surprised to see his name appear in inkigayo performer list then as I suspected he was going to visit KJ during that short break.

I always read Korean trans with a pinch of salt because I don't understand Korean. But since I understand Chinese, it sounds weird when it is not the same as what I read. That's all. So there is this tendancy to try to clarify it.

hani said...

oh..thanx 4 the info.. :))

Chara said...

Big LOL at "mature"....

But he looks especially happy in these photos.