Friday, July 29, 2011

[Vid & Pix] Hyung Jun Off to Japan Again 07.29.11 by Prettyboy

Hyung Jun has been so busy going in and out of Korea for the past several days. I think he only goes back to Korea to unload and load his luggage and record for his daily shows such as Music High and Mnet News Wide then zip off again to fulfil his commitments to fans. So hardworking, yah? I wonder how many hours of sleep a day this lad is getting.

This morning, Hyung Jun went to Japan again for another set of events to promote his single 'Long Night' which I read on Twitter is #1 in Tower Records. Congratulations!

Here is a video and photos of Hyung Jun at Gimpo today from Prettyboy lifted on their official YT channel, PRETTYBOYJUN2. Hyung Jun airport fashion recently is just tee and jeans (or bermuda shorts). But despite the simplicity he still is looking great and always flashing big smile to the fans and giving small talk. And from the looks it, he seems to have given someone an autograph.


Anonymous said...

I think he is signing the album for a male fan :) He is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

his schedule is hectic. takes plane more often than i take bus!

please have enough rest :)

Anonymous said... was a fanboy :)

Anonymous said...

love the t-shirt, it's skull..

kj_neth05 said...

Very hardworking indeed!

Anonymous said...

he might wear, Hyun Joong's favorite shirt