Sunday, July 31, 2011

Notice About Hyun Joong's November Japan Tour

As it was announced during the Showcase of Hyun Joong for 'Break Down' last Friday that Hyun Joong will be touring seven cities in Japan in November, his official Japanese website has already released the notice. Here's translation of the notice. Thanks to tzeyin28 for the tweet and posting on Facebook.

Btw, if you missed reading again the comment of Lafone HERE, she commented that the cities that Hyun Joong will be touring are the same cities that SS501 toured during their Heart To Heart concert tour in September 2007.


[Notice] Kim Hyun Joong’s long-awaited 1st solo concert tour in Japan!

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)
Source: Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan Official Site (
Chinese translation: 大毛 @ 百度金贤重吧 (
English translation: tzeyin28 @

The long-awaited “Kim Hyun Joong’s 1st solo concert tour” is confirmed to be held in Japan!

Kim Hyun Joong will be coming here with his 2nd solo mini album that is estimated to be released this fall. He will start off the tour with a concert in Osaka and approximately 20,000 fans are expected to attend it. (Detailed information about his 2nd solo mini album will be announced in Japan in the near future) Please look forward to it!

[Concert Tour Schedule]
  • November 9th (Wednesday) @ Osaka: Grand Cube Osaka (Osaka International Convention Center)
  • November 11th (Friday) @ Sapporo: Sapporo City Shimin Hall
  • November 12th (Saturday) @ Sendai: Zepp Sendai
  • November 15th (Tuesday) @ Hiroshima: Hiroshima Alsok Hall
  • November 16th (Wednesday) @ Yokohama: Pacifico Yokohama
  • November 18th (Friday) @ Nagoya: Century Hall (Nagoya Congress Center)
  • November 23rd (Wednesday) @ Fukuoka: Fukuoka Cultural Center
* Dates and venues may change. We hope for your understanding.

* We will make an announcement about ticket selling methods and etc after making our decision.


Anonymous said...

I want to see Hyun Joong's perf, but his healthy is more imporrtant for fans.
Take care, Hyun Joong ah.

Anonymous said...

leader, we might not be able to flight to jp to see your concert, but we will singing alone here in front of our computers with you......
all the best to your JP concert......

Anonymous said...

If I only live in Korea and Japan....

Anonymous said...

Take care of your health hyun joong! Be God with you keeping you safe and well.

Anonymous said...

so leader will spend almost half month in jp in nov., the fans must be very happy ......