Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Vid] Hyun Joong Break Down Performance @ MUST 07.19.11

Thanks to for the sharing the link on where to watch Hyun Joong's 'Break Down' performance in last night Joon Du Yeon's MUST on Mnet. Thanks as well to for the YT upload.


nanet said...

Hi liezle,
Post this vid too. It includes some talk segments, wuri HJ singing as though he's drunk (this is so funny) and then it has both his performance of 'Fortunate' and Break Down. You will all love this. Can't wait for the subbed version as it looks like there were some hilarious moments.

Here's the link:



nanet said...

aigoo ....I forgot to mention that the vid for the link I gave was uploaded by no1kimhyunjoong@yt. mianeyo liezle. m sure u would have found out anyway but just to be sure...thought I'd mention it.

Anonymous said...

love the atmosphere there.
leader, you make it.