Friday, July 22, 2011

07.19.11 S/Tweet Treats

Another set of tweet translation by xiaochu shared on Quainte501. Much thanks once again.

Whenever I read a tweet from joshrosemusic my curiosity is building up. I wonder what he and Kyu Jong been doing? I've a feeling that something is cooking up. ^^


[Trans] 07.19.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits please.

2011-07-19 @ 1:25 AM
kimkasu @HyungJun87 @HyungJun87 Jun-ah! Where on earth are you? o o

2011-07-19 @ 4:01 PM
joshrosemusic @2kjdream @incugator @TaewanakaCLuv @IamPinnacle @jslee1018 @Kevinwoo91 @90KKB SEE YOU BOYS IN 2 MONTHS!!!

2011-07-19 @ 7:39 PM
HyungJun87 I want to fly away. It's not once or twice that I have such a feeling while driving^^

2011-07-19 @ 7:47 PM
ns_yoonji I also asked manager oppa to press the wings button, and is making a fuss now kekeke "@HyungJun87:I want to fly away. It's not once or twice that I have such a feeling while driving^^"

2011-07-19 @ 8:03 PM
jjjjjin2yo @HyungJun87 Take me along too~~

2011-07-19 @ 8:51 PM
HyungJun87 @jjjjjin2yo Where!!

2011-07-19 @ 9:23 PM
MnetMcountdown RT @MnetKR: Are you finishing the bright and sunny Tuesday well? Have a refreshing shower~ You want to watch HOT Kim HyunJoong's 'Unconditional' dance? Tonight at 11pm, Yoon DoHyun MC's MUST!!

2011-07-19 @ 9:23 PM
jjjjjin2yo @HyungJun87 I want to fly away~~~

2011-07-19 @ 10:51 PM
EspoirYULL @hyungjun87 Bbi...

2011-07-19 @ 10:53 PM
HyungJun87 @EspoirYULL Bbi

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Anonymous said...

Liezle i agree with you..who knows KJ will make his comeback soon?.. i'm anticipating.... I miss him so much... hope it's true tho.. ^^