Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jung Min & Casts of Taiwanese Drama in Prayer Ceremony

On Jung Min's Facebook account which is being administered by a CNr staff, a photo of Jung Min with the casts and production team, from the prayer ceremony yesterday of his first Taiwanese drama was posted with this note on the wall in Hangul, English and Chinese:

안녕하세요. CNR Media입니다.
박정민 군의 대만 드라마 고사 현장입니다.
더운 날씨에 고생하고 있을 박정민 군에게 많은 응원과 사랑, 그리고 관심 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.

Hi everyone, this is CNR media.
...This is Jung Min at the ceremony of wishing good luck for the drama shooting in Taiwan. It's really hot here. Please give Jung Min lots of love and support. Thank you.

大家好,我們是CNR media.
天氣好熱噢! 請大家一定要多多支持政珉噢!!


On Twitter last night and today, since photos from the prayer ceremony are being tweeted, fans were able to identify who the Taiwanese artists Jung Min will be working with in the drama.

The first one fans who was able to identify is Kingone Wang. He is a 31 years old actor, singer and host. To know more about him, you may click HERE.

Next to be identified is the lead (?) actress, Shara Lin.

She tall which compliments JM's height.
Photo tweeted by @love2kjdream

Shara Lin is an actress, host and a multi talented instrumentalist. Check this video out and tell me if she's not amazing.

To know more about her, click HERE. This is said to be her official Facebook fan page.


Alex said...

I like the actress a lot, she's such a beautiful yet talented musician :X Looks really good when she stands with JM :X

Chara said...

uh, wow... I'm impressed...

Anonymous said...

she looks good with JM, and im impressed with her skills! >< love her and JM

Anonymous said...

wow she looks really pretty and they look like a beautiful couple. i can't wait to watch this drama when it comes out :)