Monday, July 25, 2011

[Article] Hyung Jun was Moved to Tears

Much thanks again to ONLY JUN for always sharing with us news about Hyung Jun.

To all TS who were present and supported Hyung Jun at the fan meeting you're so great.


[News Translation] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun was moved to tears during Fan Meeting
Source: YAM NEWS
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SS501 Magnae Kim Hyung Jun held his Fan Meeting at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall on Sunday, and only 60-70% of the tickets were sold, and his fan meeting clashed with that of Korean Star Cha Seung Wo, thus he was always compared by the press media, and at the venue, there were only a few print and digital media present, which was vastly different from what happened during BEAST Fan Meeting. However SS501 fans were very supportive of their idol, all the green pea princesses held their lightsticks and cheered uniformly, and even played a video clip made by fans towards the end which moved Kim Hyung Jun to tears!

Kim Hyung Jun sang songs in various languages to showcase his singing as well as linguistic skills, these includes (oH! aH!), (Heaven) etc, and to fulfill fans’s requests, he also sang Japanese new song (Long Night) and English song (So Sick). Of course, he also gave fans many benefits, lucky fans not only went up the stage to take photos, they also get to hug their idol, had their faces touching each other, and inter-lock their fingers! The event’s higlight was [Kim Hyung Jun Sings Love Song to You], however a male fan was picked, and this made Kim Hyung Jun embarrassed and causing the audience to laugh!

SS501 members now all are signed to different management companies, and its still unclear whether they would come back together as a group. At the event, the host has asked fans not to ask any more questions regarding whether the group would make a comeback, however, Kim Hyung Jun was very generous in answering that he is also looking forward to the 5 working together again. While watching the video clip edited by fans, Kim Hyung Jun couldn’t hold back his tears when scenes of how SS01 members celebrated his birthday for him appeared, demostrating that the group’s relationship has not changed at all! Member Park Jung Min has already arrived in Taiwan last week for a long stay for filming, leader Kim Hyun Joong would also be visiting Taiwan in August to promote his endorsed cosmetics, therefore fans would not have a chance to slip and take breaks!
[Editor's word: Kim Hyung Jun has very rich expressions, his every moves always causes fans to exclaim that he is cute. During the Q&A session, fans were so excited and wanted to shake hands with him, Hyung Jun generously agreed, fans in the audience seats were so envious that they almost tore the roof with their screamings!]


Here's a photo of Hyung Jun crying while watching the vid prepared for him. Credit on the pix and thanks to cll_slam10 for the tweet.


Anonymous said...

oh lord pls lessen hyung joon longing and suffering and bless him with love and happiness....

Anonymous said...

as expected by the SS501 members themselves, fan will definitely lessen or move to other idol groups... Maknae has always been expressive.. he laughs, cry, gets cute when annoyed or teased... but i think this tie he cried not because of the low outcome of ticket sales but the memories that flashed in his min and in front of him....if all of TS are clamoring for a group comeback how much more for the members themselves

Anonymous said...

awww, Baby! T_T you're so cute!
although the turn-outs can disappoint sometimes, no need to worry; because even if there are fewer TripleS, we give the most devoted, faithful, forever love to our SS501 boys. <3