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Highlights from Kyu Jong First Romatic Party Gift in Bangkok 03.31.12

Kyu Jong's First Romantic Party Gift in Bangkok, Thailand has just ended and it seems that it is another wonderful time spent by Kyu Jong with the fans and vice versa.

I was followinbg @hyuniversal0606  live updates on Twitter and I can feel the excitement, happiness and giddiness of her while she tweets.  If you miss her live updates or any updates from the fan meeting here are the tweets from hyuniversal0606. Much much thanks for the live update.

  • Kyu Jong was introduced via a showing on the screen from the musical Goong.  Then Kyu Jong appeared from the back.  
  • He performed Perhaps Love','Wuss Up', 'No More Yes'.
  • Here are teaser vid of his performances from the 1st segment of the fan meeting.

Video courtesy of
  • Kyu Jong is full of charisma dancing on stage and fans are going crazy
  •  During break, MC said that the fan meeting is more than just a fan meeting.  He continued on saying that it's like a min concer and that there are many surprises that awaits fans.
  • Kyu Jong introduced himself 'I am SS501 Kim Kyu Jong'.
  • During interview, MC asked KJ how he felt when he arrived.  KJ said that he's very excited to be in Bangkok and that he assured everyone that they will be very happy.
  • Afterwhich, MC picked a question from a fan which say if he liked the teddy bear.  KJ then replied that the bear with vanilla scent is not hanging at the door of his hotel room.
  • KJ also mentioned that one bear is cute but receiving too many is scary because he bears won't sleep at night (liezle : probably bec eyes are always open?) He then imitated the bear.
  • Then KJ was asked to dance to dance using a very famous song from Thailand.
  • One Thai TS was asked to dance this song with KJ on stage.
  • Later on he was asked to blow a kiss to the fans but KJ politely refuses as he said that he prepared something for the fans later so wait and see.
  • After the Q&A he then sang 'Get Your Love'
  • After the song ended, he then randomly picked a lucky fan's seat number who will get a bear he made himself.
  • He then went down on stage to escort the luck fan to the stage

Video courtesy of

Video courtesy of HJfan2
  • KJ then sang a Thai song entitled 'My Dear'.  You may listen to Kyu Jong singing this song HERE.
  • After his performance is game session. He then called 5 lucky fans to be on stage with him.
  • In this game, there are two wheels, one is the kind of game that will be played and the other one is the consequence. 
  • First game is a staring game and KJ loss to the fan.
  • As punishment, KJ has to kiss the fan on the cheek!  Lucky lucky fan! (liezle : either way win or loss, the fan will certainly be a winner)
  • In the second game, KJ wins (liezle : not sure what game was played).  Consequence is the that the fan has to piggyback KJ but of course KJ refuses.  Instead, he gave her a hug.
  • The other 3 fans get to take a polariod photo with KJ.
  • The next segment is a VTR of KJ shopping gifts for fans at the same place where once SS501 went together.
  • One of the gifts he bought is a necklace with a letter 'K'
  • Another game.
  • The lucky fans in this game will get to take home a hat, big bear and a necklace with letter 'K'..
  • After the 2nd game, he now picking 10 lucky fans to go with him for date tomorrow.
  • 2 lucky winners are from Dorea and they said they have to catch a flight back to Korea. MC said cancel the flight ^^
  • At the final segment of the show, KJ  never forgets to mention all the SS501 members  
  • He also said he is so thankful that everyone come tonight and he hopes everybody a happy life.
  • He then sang 'Yesterday'
  • Then watch fan made video.He gets teary after watching.
  • For his last message KJ spoke in Thai. His last message in Thai is a bit long. He's reading a letter he made for them. One of the things he said is  that we'd grow old together and promise to him that we will be together. 
  • He then waved to everyone.  

The fan meeting just ended and I am now looking forward to see many fancams and photos from the event. Kyu Jong certainly made a lot of fans happy in Bangkok. Thanks once again to Hyuniversal0606 for unselfishly sharing with us on Twitter live updates.

    Here are just few photos from the fan meeting courtesy of @TripleSThailand

    During 1st part interview
    Performing to 'No More Yes'
    An hour after the fan meeting ended, B2M tweeted this photo of KyuJong.

    But a few minutes later Kyu Jong tweeted the same photos but with HyeongJin. ^^

    Here is s/tweet translation courtesy of @shewen629 on Twitter.

    2kjdream Thailand!! Splendidly happily time spent~~~^^ Also memorable memories and presents received and given away~~!!! Thanks to ThanKYU and T.S.~

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