Tuesday, April 03, 2012

S/Tweet Treats on Jung Min's Birthday 04.03.12

Members of SS501 did not forget to greet Jung Min on Twitter as he celebrates his 26th birthday.  The birthday boy also went online to introduce to us his cute little doggie. 

Here is s/tweet translation of xiaochu that I lifted from Quainte501.  Thanks much again!


[Trans] S/Tweet Treats 04.03.12
Korean to English translation by  xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

2012-04-03 @ 12:32 AM
@JungMin0403 Minimini it's your birthday!!! Happy birthday!! Barbecue party!! Yoohoo~~^^

2012-04-03 @ 10:04 AM
@JungMin0403 JungMin-ah, Happy birthday!!! I will give you a call later~~ Or should we meet?? keke

2012-04-03 @ 3:09 PM
Happy birthday JungMin-ah~ You've went through alot! Will give you carrots, keep it up!!!

2012-04-03 @ 9:14 PM
Today is our boss's wedding.. And our member JungMin's birthday.. Also Bae KiSung's birthday.. Congratulations!!!!!!!!^^

2012-04-03 @ 9:21 PM
@mystyle1103 ke JungMin was born together with me? Ah anyways...Thank you YoungSaeng-ah..ke
2012-04-03 @ 9:23 PM
Uh, Why didnt you receive it, YoungSaeng-ah!! I saw KyuJong though

2012-04-03 @ 9:59 PM
Releasing Dokki's face in commemoration of my birthday~~^~^* twitpic.com/952nva twitpic.com/952nw9

2012-04-03 @ 11:06 PM
HyungJun heartily gave a treat for the first time!!!! Heol keke Reunion nite smile.gif


Anonymous said...

Even Steven Lee was excited with the reunion. Hyung Jun is really a true friend to JM and gave a hint that Jung Min really going thru a lot these days. Baby and Kyu are really showy about their feelings and friendship.

Sinthia said...

huahauahuahau giving Jung Min carrots xDD
Tom & Jerry forever!^^

kelly said...

But Jung Min does not like carrots... naughty HJB :)

slimz1808 said...

ultra <3 baby's msg to mal .. HAA
and they had a reunion after the wedding i suppose (based on steven lee's tweet)

Ley Arendain said...

Minnie doesn't like carrots, he LOVES carrots. ^^ And if Baby will give him carrots as a birthday gift, then HJB can live up to his title as being the stingiest member. Lolz. Wish Jungminnie had a happy birthday. :D