Friday, April 27, 2012

[Article] Hyun Joong Special Interview with Fans via "Yahoo! Celeb Mission"

Some may think that it's mission impossible but as far as Hyun Joong is concerned, more than 50,000 fans signed up to 'Yahoo! Mission Interview.' to participate in missions to get a rare chance to interview Hyun Joong.

Here is an article about the promo/gimmick that Yahoo! came up with. Much thanks to lee23j of Soompi for the translation.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong Wants to Catch JFK's Assassin
by: lee23j /Soompi News

On April 26, Kim Hyun Joong had a special interview with fans from Korea and Hong Kong through "Yahoo! Celeb Mission Interview." More than 24,000 fans from Korea and 26,000 from other Asian countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan signed up online to be one of the lucky five fan interviewers.

Comedian Cho Se Ho hosted the event and five fans from Korea and Hong Kong had an opportunity to freely ask questions to Kim Hyun Joong for about an hour. Kim Hyun Joon said, "I am happy to be the first interviewee of 'Yahoo! Mission Interview.' I would like to have more chances to communicate with my fans overseas through this event."

During the interview, Kim Hyun Joon was asked "If you get a chance to take the time machine and visit a different era, when would that be?" by a fan from Hong Kong. He answered, "I want to check out Mayan or Incan civilization with my own eyes. I've always been really interested in them. Also, I'm a big fan of conspiracy theories. It'd be really nice to go back to the time when JFK was assassinated and catch the assassin myself."

The full interview of Kim Hyun Joong's "Yahoo! Celeb Mission Interview" will be revealed online through "Yahoo! Celeb" in early May. This interview will also be featured on other Asian countries' Yahoo! websites, too. Also in May, Kim Hyun Joong will hold "Kim Hyun Joon Fan Meeting Tour 2012" in several Asian countries. Currently, he is looking at several scripts and scenarios for his next on-screen project.


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I don't think he knows the FJK's story.
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