Saturday, April 14, 2012

[Pix] Jung Min @ Gimpo Airport 04.13.12 by Pheromin

Here is another set of photos of Jung Min taken by the shutterbug of Pheromin yesterday at Gimpo Airport (not Incheon as what I mentioned in my previous post) when Jung Min left for Japan.  His plane touched down at Haneda and fans were there to greet him.  Video of his arrival was captured by in which you will see at the end of the photos by Pheromin.

Btw, it was announced before in Jung Min's homepage that there is going to be a trip to Hawaii. Not sure if though if this official trip also has something to do with it. Anyway, well know later.

Here is arrival video of Jung Min at Haneda from the YouTube channel of . Thanks to RoyalPJM for the tip on their blog.

Btw, last night was EP 8 of 'Fondant Garden' . You may watch unsubbed episode 8 in RoyalPJM's blog. Click HERE watch.

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Anonymous said...

Jung Min was so cute, he waved and waved and forgot to look where he was going, and walked into something, got scare. So cute expressions. Jung Min - be strong, be happy. We are always here for you. No Matter What.