Sunday, April 08, 2012

[FanCam] Young Saeng Playing Football 04.06.12

Finally a video of Young Saeng playing football against Junsu's FCMen that happened on the 6th of April surfaced. Much thanks to BestYS ( for the capturing this rare moment and sharing on their   YouTube channel.

Entertainment Team, which is Young Saeng's team loss to Jungsu's FCMen. The score is 5:4.


Anonymous said...

sporty man..suit him..^^
love you so much young saengie^^

Anonymous said...

Yongseang played against FCMen? That's Hyunjoong's team, haha. XD
But the match was very close! I didn't even know Seangie liked soccer!

Anonymous said...

I always wanted YS to join FCMen... not to play against them. LOL Wish HJ was there. It would have been great to see them play against each other.