Friday, April 13, 2012

[Pix] Jung Min Off to Japan 04.13.12

The news about Jung Min filing an injunction case against his agency surprised many of us last night.But despite that, as a professional, as what was reported on the news he went to Japan today to fulfill his commitment to fans. .

Here is a set of photo of Jung that I lifted from the tweet of @lovekj08 which were retweeted by @yyann.

Jung Min is Japan to carry out as scheduled the April 14 "AC Asia Music Festival" and the Official Tour Vol.3 for his Japanese fans. I am not sure though how long Jung Min will be staying in Japan.

From the photos Jung Min seems to sporting a new hairstyle and color.  I hope that there will be clearer photos and videos that will be shared on the net later. 

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Anonymous said...

Is Jung Ming flying to Japan all alone? No one accompany him? He looks so lonely in these pictures.