Sunday, April 01, 2012

[Article] Jung Min Received Love & Presents from His Japanese Fans

Finally a news about Jung Min regarding the just concluded fan meeting in Japan.  Much thanks to RoyalPJM for the English translation shared on their blog, as well as to All for PJM

It's been known that Jung Min will be concentrating on the Japanese market before continuing his singing and acting in Koean.  I guess that we'll get to read and hear more about his Japanese album soon.


[News] Park Jung Min celebrated his birthday with his Japan fans
Source: Yonhap News
Chinese translation: 阿四@ All for PJM (
English translation: RoyalPJM (
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Popular group SS501 member, singer Park Jung Min celebrated his birthday with the members of his fanclub at Japan Tokyo Tokyo U-Port Hall on 30th March.

Park Jung Min received lots of wishes and presents 2 hours before the event. With all the cards and different kinds of present at the back of the stage, he sang 'Do you Know' and 'Wara Wara', attracting fan's attention.

He talked about his drama 'Fondant Garden' again which he starred in and had already start to broadcast in Taiwan last month, receiving cheers and applause from the fans.

In addition, he even played games with the fans, doing psychological tests and making cake, etc. The venue has been in a Warm atmosphere.

He sincerely expressed "I'll officially be having activities in Japan this year as a singer", "Please look forward to the brand-new Park Jung Min".

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Sinthia said...

I'm anxious to know what concept will be his next album. ^^