Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[Vid] Young Saeng Cut Scenes in EP42 of 'Sent from Heaven' 04.25.12

The date between Kaki and Cha NaRa in Hongdae was just broadcast over at KBS2 'Sent From Heaven'. Tonight's scenes are full of cuteness. The episode did not only showed scenes on the  date but also scenes that we've seen only in the news paper of Young Saeng eating chicken legs at the same time talking. I find Young Saeng's eating while talking fascinating. ^_^ There is something about his lips that spells sexiness. ^^

Check this video uploaded by on YouTube. Much thanks!

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Anonymous said...

omgawd!!! so full of cuteness!! young saeng oppa~ ^_^
i wonder if he is like that on a real date.. hehe ;PP
really envy that girl...