Sunday, April 15, 2012

[Eng Subbed] ‘K-pop Star Captivating the World - Lucky Guy Kim Hyun Joong’ 04.15.13

There are lot of interesting parts in ‘K-pop Star Captivating the World - Lucky Guy Kim Hyun Joong’ like Hyun Joong doing push ups before concert, important people talking how he is a person, as a colleague and his great ideas, his mother being in the documentary as well and many more.  Oh, even Art and Matic are in the documentary playing football with him. But the most interesting part is the portion of Hyun Joong and Jae Joong.

With regard to the depression that was highlighted by some articles yesterday, if I am not mistaken Hyun Joong was referring about his depression during SS501 days.

Here is the FULL  video without subs of the show in HQ.  Thanks to SSmarySS and to Stephanie(HK) for the tip on the comment box and sidebar, respectively.  Much thanks as well to for sharing on YouTube.

And here is the much awaited video in FULL with English subs of the 2 Joongs portion. Heaps of thanks to for the trans/subs and for sharing on YouTube as well as to

Translator: Yule @
Subber: Ceci @
Thanks to JjYcJs for the raw video footage

I won't be taking down the other vids that I shared just in case other vids will be taken down in YouTube due to copyrights issue.

Here are portions of the documentary for your enjoyment as well. The third vid is the one containing portion of the two handsome Joongs. The full show can be seen below too but the vids are not in HQ. I will keep all the vids here until HQ vid/s is/are available.

Thanks to an Anonymous visitor on the comment box for the first two vids which is from the YouTube channel of .


Shoving here full show in parts from the the YouTube of . Much thanks again to Anonymous for the tip.

part 1 is courtesy of ch501SS thanks to @cheezeemelt501


Anonymous said...

Thanks you Liezle!

Anonymous said...

2 beautiful Joongs or is it Kims? Love their friendship but most of all, love our gorgeous darling boy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle,

I am Annoy @ 1:06AM, found two more videos for you. I don't understand a word... kekeke

[K-pop Star] 김현중(Kim Hyun Joong) 인터뷰

Anonymous said...

Hi it's me again, found part 2 to part 5, don't know what happen to part 1, maybe not yet download. I'm sleepy, going to bed now.

liezle said...

Heaps of thanks Anonymous for giving the links to the vids above. Really appreciate your help.


Anonymous said...

Love Hyun Joong lips.
I really want to kiss him.
He has mummy's lips.

Anonymous said...

why so short??? i could watch this 24/7. lol glad to see that he has fun while working.

SSmarySS said...

Dear Liezle,
Thankyu so much for the post <3

though not being able to watch it yet, but I'm very very curios.

there's also this video I found which I think is the whole show and it's in HD :)

Anonymous said...

pls someone sub this in eng
Leizle if eng sub was out pls inform us thank you

Kaze said...

Yes leizle please inform us if eng sub is out... Thans much!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:13am @Kaze...

Here's part 1 (Eng Sub)