Friday, April 20, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng Arcade Adventure in 'Sent from Heaven'

Here is a translation of the news regarding the episode of 'Sent from Heaven' last night.  Since there is not English sub yet, this may be of help to understand a bit of the story last night. 

Thanks to xiaochu of Quiante501 for the translation on their web.


[News] ‘Sent from Heaven’ Heo YoungSaeng, “Are you an attention-seeker?” Ran Away From Activities, Arcade Tour

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Heo YoungSaeng ran away from his schedule activities and pestered for a date with Cha Nara.

In KBS2 daily sitcome ‘Sent from Heaven’ broadcasted on 19-Apr, Heo YoungSaeng was accused of having the celebrity virus.

Heo YoungSaeng said “I don’t have freedom” claiming for his own rights. His manager scolded him “You are a celebrity. Are you an attention-seeker?”

During that time, Heo YoungSaeng tricked his manager and ran away from his scheduled activities. “Ah, I forgot my wallet!” Heo YoungSaeng lied to his manager and drove off with the car when his manager went to get his wallet for him.

Pic captured from KBS2 broadcast

Heo YoungSaeng went to find Cha Nara (Woori) and pestered her to go on a date. The two of them went to a memorable place from their childhood days, arcade. Heo YoungSaeng said “It’s good to be reminded of the good old days.” and immersed into the game.

It heated up the competitiveness in Cha Nara who was responding unenthusiastically. There was an unknown person hanging around in the arcade. He is ShinWoo who has a crush on Cha Nara.

ShinWoo wore a helmet and loitered around Cha Nara. This is because to ShinWoo, Heo YoungSaeng is the number 1 person who he guards against. Suspicious of ShinWoo, Cha Nara asked “Why do you keep following me?”, ShinWoo was terrified and ran away but bumped into ChaeHwa (HwangWoo SeulHye).

Recognizing ShinWoo, ChaeHwa asked “Aren’t you Nara’s friend?”. At this time, Cha Nara saw ChaeHwa and was surprised. ChaeHwa said “I told you to wait till you get a place.”, and promised to stay single.


kelly said...

Woori is from Rainbow and that is from DSP? so YS should already know Woori? Because I find they seem to be very natural together.

When Woori get exasperated when she keeps losing, she is real adorable.

Anonymous said...

hi. this woori here is not the same woori as the one in rainbow. although woori from rainbow made an appearance also in this sitcom but as far as i remember, she only appeared in 2 episodes as of now. one is with lee joon of mblaq. they are trainees i think. hope that helps. ^_^

Sinthia said...

ouuun, Saengie is too cute in this drama but I'm so busy these days I couldn't see any epidose yet. I'm kinda sad that I'm not up to date with the news and works from our boys... (It's too difficult follow all the things they do as solo, as a group was so much easy. xD)
anyway, I'll keep loving them no matter what, and I'll follow at least a little their news. Thanks for sharing Liezle!! ^^

kelly said...

Thanks anon@8:57 for clarifying. I love to see YS and this Woori together. They are simply adorable.