Friday, April 20, 2012

[Article] Hyun Joong & Kang Sora for Centerpole

Yesterday photos of Hyun Joong and Kang Sora graced a lot of portals as they were introduced to the press as the model of Centerpole. 

Here is one article about the event yesterday translated by xiaochu on Quainte501.  Thanks!


[News] Kim HyunJoong, Kang Sora, ‘We Are Outdoor Couple’
Credits : Mydaily + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Actor cum singer Kim HyunJoong and actress Kang Sora started their first modeling activity as outdoor models.

Kim HyunJoong and Kang Sora attended the business information conference for outdoor brand ‘Center Pole’ held on 19-Apr at Millennium Hall, Central City, KangNam, Seoul.

On this day, Kim HyunJoong said briefly “It is my first time modeling for an outdoor brand”, “I will promote (the brand) and show lots of my good image with it.”

Kang Sora also said “It is my first time modeling for hiking attire, it is my honor”, “Thanks to this, I did many hiking and trekking.”

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