Sunday, April 15, 2012

[Vid] Jung Min after Asia Music Festival Asia Hear Beat Event 04.14.12

I was following some tweets last night regarding updates on Jung Min when he attended the Asia Music Festival  Asia Hear Beat.  According to the tweets of @RenriSak0830, Jung Min was looking good and fine and that he was in his usually stage performance and joking a lot.  He sang five song which are 'Not Alone' , 'Do you know?', 'Everyday is Christmas', 'Kimiiro (Your color)' and 'Kara Kara'. When he was singing 'Kara Kara'  according to tweets that I read he was dancing cutely and sexily.

Here is a video of Jung Min performing 'Do You Know?' taken from the YouTube channel of .  Please DO NOT re-upload this video in any other streaming sites including YouTube.Thanks to @OnlyYouOnlyMin for the tip.

Here is a video of Jung Min taken after the event uploaded by on YouTube. Much thanks to veggiedelight for the tip and @OnlyYouOnlyMin.

He's wearing sexy pants and in all black. He probably wore the attire in one of his performance.

Another one from the YouTube channel of .


Anonymous said...

his fan service is no.1. if i could give thumbs up a million times i would. i dont think there is ANYBODY in the entertainment industry quite like him, hes one of a kind, really.

Anonymous said...

bcos of that i really respect him,he is indeed the best..always smile...hwaiting Jungmin!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOOhhhh mmyyy!!!! O_O how come my white top is RED??? I think I just had nose bleed.... XD XD XD

Anonymous said...

sweet warm caring funny sexy professional all in one

go mal go!

Anonymous said...

Jung Min - you are the best, until forever. I hope you really enjoy your Hawaii trip, have lots of fun with your wonderful Japanese fans. Really miss my Xiao Min. Fightingislsothe llicana

Anonymous said...

Jung Min - love your new hair, love your sexy pants. Also love the way you carry your backpack and your bear bear neck pillow, so cute. I hope your rest a lot and enjoy your vacation in Hawaii. Love ya Jung Min. e