Friday, April 20, 2012

[Article] Jung Ming Wearing PRADA & ORIS Watch

Currentlly Jung Min is in Hawaii (saw some photos of him looking handsome but they're not HQ so will wait for HQ pix to post later) with some of his Japanese fans.  This is still part of his commitment that he is fulfilling for is fans.  Though in Hawaii, I am glad to read some news from the blog of RoyalPJM.  Much thanks to RPJM's hardworking translator for sharing this.

Btw, it's 'Fondant Garden' tonight.  Check out CTV at 10PM later.


[News] Park Jung Min laughs whoever he meet, wants to challenge the role of a villain

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The biggest obstacle to a Korean celebrity coming to Taiwan to develop will be the language. However, Park Jung Min used his smile and body language which lessens the sense of alienation from others. Even as the main actor in the idol drama, Park Jung Min will take initiative to say “Hello”, bow and shake hand with the staffs after meeting them for the first time, allowing others to see his friendliness and professionalism.

In CTV idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’, Park Jung Min plays a rebellious and playful enterprise young master. He has the same cheerful personality as his character but Park Jung Min said, he wish to act as a calm villain role to reveal his hidden rebellious factor.

Korean wave blew into Taiwan. Super Junior’s Siwon, Donghae and actress Goo Hye Sun came to Taiwan to film for idol drama one after another. SS501 member Park Jung Min has also joined this trend. He frankly said that he has not watched other idol drama but he thinks that the drama which Taiwan and Korea worked together should be very popular.

Park Jung Min said that the feeling of filming in Korea or Taiwan is exactly the same. The staff members are very serious. Although there are language barriers, however, after getting together for a period of time, they can figure out each other’s thinking and words. He laughed and said that he can communicate with Jian Man Shu very smoothly. Even if he is unable to communicate, Park Jung Min will said “I can also use body language” with a mysterious smile, causing much laughter immediately.

Having stayed in Taiwan for 7 months, Park Jung Min is known as a half Taiwanese. The passion he has for the Taiwan people and food have left a deep impression on him. Park Jung Min also revealed that he brought his sister to Shilin Night Market, Taipei 101, etc when she visited him previously. If other SS501 members come, he laughed and said “I might bring them to a stir-fried shop and have a drink.”

Park Jung Min wore PRADA spring/summer new clothes and also an ORIS watch for the pictorial shoot of the fashion column for our newspaper. He has his very own ideas of fashion. Even if there is a stylist around, he will insist on his own style, wearing different kinds of clothes to suit his personal taste.

He expressed that he will wear something light and comfortable in private but whenever he have to go for a pictorial shoot, he will wear something to pull out his handsome and cool image. Park Jung Min also said the main things he buys are watches. And as for how much money he spent, he laughed and said “It’s a secret.” He once opened an online shopping mall in Korea and disclosed that he felt that fashion is very interesting that time. However, he closed it because he was really busy and he then focuses on his career.


Before ending this post, let me share here photo of Jung Min and Jian Man Shu from one of the episodes of 'Fondant Garden'.  Yah, JMS is one heck of a luck lady for getting a lot of kiss  from Jung Min.

Thanks to @iamsom for the tweeting this photo.

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Sinthia said...

oooh, I didn't know he closed his shop... it's a pity. He must have felt very sad about it as it was something he really liked to work with and put so much effort to start.
I feel so sorry for him. It seems like everything is going bad to Jung Min.T.T
Hope things get better for him.

I'd like to see him doing a villain. Despite his cheerful personality I think he has enough talent to play a more complex role.

btw, this pic is so nice... so sweet this kiss scene. ^^
thanks for sharing!