Wednesday, April 04, 2012

[Pix] Hyung Jun @ B2M CEO's Wedding 04.03.12 by Prettyboy

You've seen from the videos posted last night how happy members of SS501 who attended the wedding of B2M CEO.  The union and re-union not only made all who attended happy but as well as fans who had been waiting for this kind of event to come.  Though they are not complete, it is still as good.

For this post, i am now sharing photos of Hyung Jun taken by the shutterbug of Prettyboy at the wedding. Much thanks!  I am also waiting for the other fanclubs to share their pix.

Btw, I have been wondering why representatives of major fanclubs were also at the wedding. Anyway, whatever it is, lucky that they were there and lucky that they are sharing pix and vids of our faves.

 For some tidbits of info from the wedding, I am shoving these here as shared by an Anonymous visitor on the comment box and as I read on crazynoona's tweets:
  • Kyu jung kept mentioning that he was waiting for Hyung jun to arrive at the wedding & apparently jun participating in the song :
  • at B2M wedding~ Hyung Jun participating in the song was a last minute decision ..
After the wedding Steven Lee tweeted that they all hang out together and that Hyung Jun treated them.  This morning Kyu Jong tweeted and thanked Hyung Jun for the treat. And just as this writing Young Saeng is again bullying Hyung Jun.

Here's translation of the s/tweet treats courtesy of xiaochu1004 shared on Twitter.

2kjdream: @HyungJun87 delicious jjun! Wooheeheehee ~~~~~

2kjdream: @Steven_Lee_ Yes right, Hyung !! Of course he treated us to delicious stuffs, it has been a long time since Jjun did that heehee hip hip hurray heehee

mystyle1103: @2kjdream @HyungJun87 nothing special~

@2kjdream: @mystyle1103 Spicy seafood noodles.... is...?!! heehee slurp yum yum !! You said that keke

Steven_Lee_: @2kjdream @mystyle1103 He's the one who enjoys eating the most kekeke


All of about you said...

that's wonderful night,,if all member come together, but so happy look at this.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but I love to see them teasing each other.. this really made may they.. I can't even sleep properly because of this

Anonymous said...

The wedding was kinda a gift for Triple seeing them together n it reminds me how much i love them together..there's one more thing, mybe it's just me but somehow I find their smiles were lot different than usual, even brighter especially our Hyung Jun..whenever they were all together there's this subtle expression of maknae-like on his face n I really like that..God, I miss them so much...

Anonymous said...

Found one picture of Kim Hyun Joong at B2M CEO's wedding.

liezle said...

Hi 9:01.

Sorry but the photo is not from the same wedding. I read that the photo you shared was from the wedding he attended in China.