Sunday, April 22, 2012

S/Tweet Treats form Hyung Jun 04.22.11

Hey, it is Choco Kim's 3rd birthday and for the Kim Brothers to make it memorable they tweeted greetings and photos of the cute and adorable Choco.

Yah, even Kyu Jong greeeted Choco! 

Following is the translation of the s/tweets of Hyung Jun courtesy of the tweets from SGLove501

HyungJun87 : Happy Birthday~ My dearest Choco~ Happy Birthday. You're 3 Years Old now. Be happy for a long time. I know you can hear and feel it~ Be healthy~ I love you Choco ya~ *_* Looks like you need a little grooming. Myeong Myeong~ Happy 3rd Birthday!

HyungJun87 : Once again Happy Birthday. The one that brings joy to our family, pretty, full of aegyo (cuteness), Choco! ^_^ 

HyungJun87: One more time~ One more time~^_^ Encore!!! Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Choco ya I love you

2kjdream : Choco Happy Birthday ehehehehehehehehehe !!!!!!!!! ha ha RT

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