Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Pix] Hyung Jun & Kim Yun Seo in a Subway Scene

SBS Plus released on the 11th of April still shots of Hyung Jun and Kim Yun Seo's subway scenes from the upcoming mini-series 'I Love You'.

In this subway scene, Hyung Jun and Yun Seo who is drunk met for the first time. From this meeting an unusual love story will explode which must be anticipated.

'I Love You'  is a drama about the good and warm love of elderly. The romantic protagonists are played by Lee Sun Jae and Jung Young Seok. This mini series will start on the 16th of April sat 9PM over at cable channel SBS Plus.

Hyung Jun is looking good in a military uniform.  More or less we now have an idea how he will look when he starts to serve his country.

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