Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photos & S/Tweet Treat from Hyung Jun

 'It's 2am now, you haven't sleep yet?'... the famous line of DJjun.

Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of  Music High.. As a DJ in a graveyard shift and an idol as well, I so believe that Hyung Jun made a milestone for himself. Congratulations Hyung Jun!  I wish more success for  Music High and of course to you who is so hardworking.

To commemorate Music High 3rd year anniversary  photos of Hyung Jun were uploaded on MuHi board  holding a signboard.

And this morning,Hyung Jun tweeted.  Here is translation of DJjun's tweet translated by xiaochu1004 on Twitter.  Much thanks!

HyungJu87 :today is Music High 3rd yr anniversary~! Sincerely thank you to many of you who congratulated me. But my happiness of celebration was put aside..went to the filming site..let's do Music High together until 100yrs! Hurray!!! (xiaochu1004 :can't make out the last sentence)

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