Monday, April 09, 2012

[Vids & Pix] Kyu Jong @ YongSang for the Filming SAGBS

Earlier today in YongSang, Kyu Jong shot scene with fans for the weekend drama 'Saving Ajumma Go Bon Shil'.

Fans who participated are so lucky! Heard that Kyu Jong even bought drinks for the fans. Also, after the event there's a surprise fan signing in which you can see from the video of HeStory. Whoa!

Here are fancams lifted from the YouTube channels of and  followed by photos from the tweets of @ivannah501 which came from han-chien. Please DO NOT re-upload vids in any streaming sites including YT.

This one is courtesy of Rosemary from the tweet of @xiaochu1004.

After the shooting, Kyu Jong tweeted:

Thank you for coming today~ thanks to you all, had an enjoyable successful filming! Weather is nice~ and feeling is good too~!!

Thanks to @xiaochu1004 for the translation in Twitter.

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etet said...

Got to admit that I was a "tad" envious... Ok, I was enormously envious!!!!

Than after watching the vids and viewing the pics, I realized that I was just so extremely happy and proud of Kyu Jong and the ThanKYU's who were there to support him. Seems as if I was able to see the real Kyu Jong and the real ThanKYU's. Although, I always thought I knew the "real" Kyu Jong, it was nice to really see it. How he interacted with "us"... Just what I thought would happen did happen.

People always ask me "how I know he would be who I thought he would be... you know nice, kind, polite"... Seems his heart has touched mine so heavily that my heart knew!

ThanKYU to everyone who went out to support him. Good Things come out of Good Things....