Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Pix] Young Saeng Filming @ Hongdae 04.11.12

Young Saeng and WooRi (as Cha Na Ra) were seen at Hongdae today filming some scene for 'Sent From Heaven'.  Quite a few number of photos have already been tweeted but I will just be shoving here good quality photos.

Here is first set taken from the post of 한여름밤의꿈 in taken by in which owner's of pix can be seen on the image.

The following photos are from the tweets of @Hjna1004 which was retweeted by @cll_slam10.

Adding more photos from the tweets of StylishHYS. Much thanks to all those who took the picture and for sharing them on the net.

Credit as labeled.

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Anonymous said...

the sweater and scarf looks really nice on him. but... the pants are way too tight!!!!