Sunday, April 01, 2012

[Eng Subbed] Young Saeng Cut Scenes in EP23 of 'Sent from Heaven

04.01.12 Shoving this up to to share with you the English subbed video of the scene of Young Saeng.  Much thanks to 501wangja2 for the upload and subs shared in YouTube.


Young Saeng is so adorable in his maiden appearance in the KBS2 sitcom 'Sent from Heaven' that was broadcast tonight. Here is a video which was just posted by on YouTube.

From the short scene, Young Saeng can easily pass as a high school student. Just like Kyu Jong said on his tweets earlier as response to Young Saeng's selcas :

2kjdream to mystyle1103 : already!! Becos u're.. 27yrs old heehee hyung it seems like yesterday when we went shoppin for clothes for your high sch graduation heehee!!! Time flies~~ ooing?!

2kjdream to mystyle1103 : but even so,hyung is the the most baby faced among us... Heeheeheehee

Thanks to xiaochu1004 for the translation on Twitter.

Btw, in the short scene, Young Saeng was acting together with the actress from 'Heart String'.

 Eng Subbed courtesy of
Video Courtesy rmdkdl1103@youtube + (eng trans/sub) 

Right after the broadcast, Kyu Jong again tweeted to Young Saeng, Because this is his first acting on TV and his very first appearance as well, Kyu Jong tweeted his approval of his acting. Here is translation of his tweet is again courtesy of xiaochu1004 on Twitter.

2kjdream to mystyle1103 : well done well done~~~!! Wonderful!!~~~


Anonymous said...

I'm totally falling for Saengie - he is absolutely adorable and I love his natural. He is 100% convincing as a high school kid. Thanks Liezle, I love this posting very very much and I'm really grateful for it^^

Anonymous said...

love you sooooo much young saengie..cute and handsome student..^^

etet said...

Who won't 'dream' when you see that dimpled smiling face looking back at you... *sighs*...