Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[Vids] Young Saeng Cut Scenes in 'Sent from Heaven' EP31 04.10.12

On the 31st episode of KBS2 sitcom 'Sent from Heaven' Young Saeng had quite a long line in the second cut.  While listening and staring at him it makes me think that he's been acting for already quite a long time.  He seems so natural.  I guess playing this kind of role, cocky, cool and cute (same as his role as D'Artagnan)  really suits Young Saeng

Here are two videos from tonight's episode which originally came from rmdkdl.cafe24.com and uploaded by in YouTube.


kelly said...

I wish I know what they are talking about... such an agony not understanding a single word.

YS, when is your album coming out? Everyday I wish there is good news when I turned on my computer in the evening. It is almost a year. OST not counted :)

Anonymous said...

Yes oppa when will you comeback?
he's great in acting too... I wish there is a drama that includes all of them.. since, they are all good in acting