Friday, April 20, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng & Woori on an Arcade Date

Much thanks to Venice_YS for tweeting this earlier and  for sharing on their StylishHYS blog. I have been wanting to share but I didn't have that much luxury of time today to post. 

Check out this news regarding the arcade date of Young Saeng and Woori in the sitcom 'Sent from Heaven.


[News] 'Fairy' Woori having a Air Hockey Match with Heo Young Saeng ...The Result Is ?
Source : mydaily
Chinese Trans : HYS Bar
Eng Trans : Venice_YS @ StylishHyS
Pls repost with full credits

KBS sitcom “I Need A Fairy” which broadcast on 19 April , Cha Na Ra (WooRi) & Young Saeng (Heo Young Saeng) usually hate each other , they still remember the memory when they go to the arcade when their childhood , they play again the games .

The 1st round for the shooting game , Young Saeng full of feeling to defeat Na Ra , Na Ra beat the poor length Young Saeng on the 2nd round of air hockey .

Then , Na Ra who excitation her victory desire say : ” Play till win” must make Young Saeng embarrass . The result of the air hockey match between Na Ra & Young Saeng , focus the audience’s attention .

The match between Na Ra & Young Saeng will broadcast on 19:46 KST , 19 April .

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