Sunday, April 08, 2012

[FanCams] Hyung Jun Performing SS501 Songs in his Concert Tours

Hyung Jun ended the last stage of his concert tours in Japan yesterday. His tour started on the 29th of March. The tour which is titled 'KIMHYUNGJUN 2012 1st Story in Japan' has a total of six concerts to local fans in the cities of Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.

On the last days of his tour video of his singing SS501 songs have been uploaded by fans on YouTube. Here are video showing his performances.

'Let Me Be the One' the One courtesy of 's YouTube channel.

Following are 'U R Man', 'Show Prince', 'Love Like This'  lifted from the YouTube channel of 

Much thanks to veggiedelight and Patty for sending the links where to watch Hyung Jun's performances.

And here is Hyung Jun's performance of 'Girl' courtesy again of's YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

liezle, happy easter.thank you for sharing these videos.i read on twitter that hjb mentioned in his concert tour that he is in constant in communication with the members and that they will soon be together. it's not the exact words from him but it is something like that.

Anonymous said...

really loved his performance..he has an amazing voice and he was super cute in the snow prince vid.I think he really enjoyed performing with his hyungs :) makes me really miss them all on stage.
thanks for sharing.
patiently waiting for ss501 comeback :)

Anonymous said...

He does have one of the best vocals in SS501.

However, I can't help shake the feeling of emptiness looking at him singing the songs meant for 5. I don't get that feeling when he sings his own songs though. Good job nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I cried! Thank you for sharing. I really miss seeing all 5...I can't wait to see that again ^^