Friday, April 13, 2012

[Articles] Jung Min Expressing His Thoughts & Gratefulness

Still more about the injunction filed by Jung Min to CNr, much thanks to RoyalPJM for sharing these articles on their blog.  There are more snippets from RoyalPJM as well as at You may check their blog too.

As you will read below,  despite the case that Jung Min filed he left for Japan this afternoon to fulfill his commitment to his fans. A  professional indeed, right? 

This afternoon as well, he left a tweet expressing his feelings about the news and gratefulness to the support he's been getting .  Here is the translation of Jung Min's tweet that I lifted from the translation of xiaochu1004 on Twitter.

JungMin0403 : I wanted to resolve this quietly but unintentionally caused you to worry, I'm full of sorry abt this. Putting an end to this, i will return with an energetic look. Thank you for many of your concern and encouragements.


[News] SS501 Park Jung Min revealed his inner thought “I’m sorry to let my fans worry about me, I’ll not stop the activities”
Source: edaily
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Despite having dispute with former agency, SS501 Park Jung Min continued his Japan activities. Park Jung Min has departed to Japan on 13th afternoon and plans to continue to go for his schedules in Japan on the 14th. During the interview with edaily, Park Jung Min said "Because of the sudden issue which caused fans to worry, I’m sorry." At the same time, he said "While trying to settle this issue, I would also wish to stand in front of all my fans" Then, Park Jung Min confessed his inner thoughts, stating that "Currently, I am worrying about future music activities"

Park Jung Min has already submitted the application of filling an injunction against his agency to suspend his exclusive contract (with CNR Media) to Seoul Central District Court. From the beginning of this year, Park Jung Min had already contacted with the related companies in Korea, China, Japan and other countries to continue or terminate the contract through his legal representative.

During this process, Park Jung Min claimed that "Apart from the 150 million won paid by the agency, the other profits are not paid properly." Thus, an injunction was applied. A related person said that Park Jung Min and CNR Media are trying to resolve the problems one by one.

For the time being, Park Jung Min will quietly continue with his scheduled activities as he did not want to break his promise with his fans. During this period of time, he will solve the problem with the representatives from Korea, Japan, China and other countries.

Korea's Roy Media is co-founded by Park Jung Min's former agency, CNR Media and Taiwan TV drama production Comic-Ritz. Park Jung Min signed a contract with CNR Media towards the end of 2010.


[News] Park Jung Min turned against his agency, filed an injunction against his agency for “not fulfilling the contract properly”

Source: Yes Entertainment
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In addition to resorting to legal action, Park Jung Min requested CNR Media to fulfil the distribution of income in the previous contract. During the recent interview with Star In, he revealed that he has already started his independent/solo activities since March. Park Jung Min expressed that he expect a satisfactory solution to this matter. Korea's Roy Media is co-founded by Park Jung Min's former agency, CNR Media and well-known producer Angie's Chai Taiwan TV drama production Comic-Ritz and their only artist is Park Jung Min which netizen said that it is an agency Angie Chai specially established just for him.

After knowing the news, fans were shocked and said that "I hope that they can resolve this problem!" and also influx Park Jung Min's twitter to cheer for him. However, many netizen also speculate that which side cause this problem first between CNR Media or Comic-Ritz. But now, what fans want the most is certainly to let the whole incident to resolve quickly.


Cecile said...

150,000,000 krw is abt US$132,000 which is really little considered what JM has done. i always thought CNR wouldn't be such an asshole, it has officially joined in as one of the notorious agencies that refuses to pay their people properly. what a shame. and i always thought he has a good relationship with the CEO or something.

our boys are such nice and hardworking people they don't deserve such things happen to them. he really did well, i hope things get settled soon!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the first comment!

I just hope that JM fully acknowledges of the fans' support for him, thus continuing to claim what he deserves to get.

Anonymous said...

My heart just breaks. He still puts fans above all despite all the circumstances.

Jung Min, you truly deserves much better than this. And please remember that we will always and forever be here with you and for you!