Thursday, April 12, 2012

[Articles] Jung Min Wants Out of CNr

I have been hearing this and that for months but only kept silent as I don't have any proof. But what proof can I ask now that the news is out. It saddens me to read this but  already prepared myself since there were already signs since he got back from Taiwan. I hope that this will end soon, because until Jung Min is bound by the contract he will not be able to work with any other agencies.

Here are articles about this shocking news.  Thanks to  RoyalPJM for sharing the news from PJMIFC (thanks too!).  Likewise, thanks to cll_slam for the news on her blog.


[News] SS501 Park Jung Min “to stop the exclusive contact”
English Translation:피오나@PJMIFC
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Member of the five-members male group SS501, Park Jung Min (25) filed an injunction against his agency for “not fulfilling the contract properly”.

According to the legal circle on the 12th, Mr Park has applied an injunction to the Seoul Central District Court against his agency CNR to suspend the exclusive contract.

Mr Park said, “The domestic profits should be divided by 8:2 with the agency, and the overseas by 5:5″ and “However, the agency has only paid 150 million won last year. Except that, the profits are not paid properly”

Moreover, “The agreement is not properly fulfilled, such as the claiming for profit breakdown, the missing profits or excess costs charged, etc.” and “(Seek for an injunction)To stop the effectiveness of the exclusive contract”, he added.


[News] SS501 Park Jung Min To Sue CNR For Not Fulfilling The Contract

Source: Naver
Chinese Translation: 阿四 @ SS501 Baidu Bar
Eng Translation: @cll_slam10
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Idol grp SS501 member Park Jung Min stated “As the contract cannot be fulfilled as normal” applied to sue the company.

On 12 Apr, according to a personnel within the law circle stated that Park Jung Min went to Seoul Central District Court to sue his company CNR for unable to perform according to the contract.

Park Jung Min stated that “We have agreed on the domestic revenue payments to be 8:2 and for overseas revenue payment to be 5:5, but the company other than giving 150million won, they failed to pay other benefit payments.”

Another also said “Even if we want a transparent benefits accounts of the revenue, seeing there are loopholes in the revenues and also the application fees etc which they are unable to perform, is to suspend the contract.”


etet said...

We always want our Boys to be happy... so this piece of news is distressing :(

I hope that this will be resolved very quickly so that Jung Min can move on to do the things that will bring a smile to his face...

Anonymous said...

what makes me sad is to see his sweet smile for months without knowing the problem that trouble him and maybe that's why we can see he drives on his own...stay strong jungmin,we will always support you.

Anonymous said...

How dare you CNR!!!!!!!
JungMin Oppa Fighting!!!
remember oppa.. we'll always be here for you.. you're NOT ALONE

kelly said...

It will be tough at this moment. Just hope he keeps believing in himself, for every cloud there is always a silver lining. He will be better after this is over.

yyann said...

finally this news is out for more confirmation; and its part of the reason why theres no news and updates for the membership.

oh well~
i hope jungmin is not having too much stress on him, again. )=

Anonymous said...

Hope the same problem does not occur with other members.
What about the tour in Hawai?

Anonymous said...

Oh... I don't like this piece of news. I hope everything can be resolved and Jung Min is ok and happy.

At first, I was puzzle when Hyung Jun mentioned that Jung Min been through alot.... now I know why.

Jung Ming, fighting! Stay strong, we will always support you no matter what.

Anonymous said...

no wonder...if u really notice,the expression on his face looked odd especially after he came back from Taiwan,though there is all smiles actually he is struggled with this big issue...I think that his decision to sue the company is correct in order to claim his rights and agreements that had made before must be fulfill as said,they should be responsible and take this seriously.JM should take action as early as possible as this is related to labour rights no matter what amount of the salary is.I hope that he'll win in this case and have a satisfied settlements.We have the faith in u,JM.

Anonymous said...

what distressed me most is knowing the reason why he had been getting skinnier and skinnier and yet still never fails to put on a bright smile in front of people & fans so we would not worry for him.

I knew CNR never treats him well and took care of him. But just couldn't imagine they could do such a horrible thing to our JM. They had been treating him like a money tree!!! ARGGHH!!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking back all the smiles he had to put up made my heart squeal in pain now.... :'(((

Anonymous said...

ever since JungMin oppa started his activities @ CNR and noticed that they're not giving oppa some rest.. I already hate them.. and this made me HATE THEM MORE.. if this is over.. I how JungMin will sign a contract to B2M @ least his two hyungs (YS and KJ) were there

Anonymous said...

Jung Min once went into depression because he was worried about his future. This is before his signed his contract with CNR. Now it's seems like history repeating itself....

@10:32Pm, I too wish B2M will look him up and take good care of him.

Anonymous said...

Oh God,I hope everything will be okay for JungMin.I just want him to be happy.I knew there was something that burdens him,and it was even more obvious after he came from Taiwan.Just thinking at everything he`s gone and is going through makes my heart squeal in pain.Hope he stays strong, don`t know what i`ll do if something bad happens to him.

Natalie said...

if he didn't file an injunction, no one would know what he's been dealing with all these times. I never like i hate them...truly hate them. how can they cheat JM out of his hard earned money? it was bad enough that they never let him rest, screwed up his schedule time and time again, and now, this??? i hope this will be resolve soon and for the court to find in favor of JM.

Anonymous said...

Ouch i feel the pain for Jungmin too especially a lot of his time and effort is wasted like this.He could have been famous by now if only CNR is not greedy Be strong Jungmin and how i wish we could help u by boycotting all CNR future projects.Ottokke jungminie himmne...sarangheyo

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Anonymous said...

hope everything works out for him soon
he deserves to be happy

Anonymous said...

I'm with you @9:05Am. We shd all stand up for JM and show CNR some "GREEN power"!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope this will end soon... and things back to normal :)

sinthia said...

I'm really surprised with this notice... I've never thought he was living a such hard situation... just hope he win in the end, he deserves be respected as he has been always professional.

Anonymous said...

I also felt something wrong when he came back from Taiwan.It seemed he was not happy,and the news proved my worries(compared the pictures of bts).

Hope the contract problems come to a good end.Personally I really don't want to see that Angie Chai has nothing to do with this! >"<
(I've just become JM's fan because of fondant garden,and I am taiwanese.)
Director Chang got this news and wrote some inspiring words on his facebook.Perhaps he will contact JM
in private.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,a mistake in paragraph 2,line 2.
the right one:
"I really don't want to see that Angie Chai has something to do with this!>"<"

Anonymous said...

I really want to write a letter to jungmin ... does anybody know where I can send the letter to ?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think Angie Chai has much to do with this as d "C" in "CNR" stands for Comic-Ritz (可米瑞智) which is her co. :(
**CnR is a joint venture co between Taiwan Comic-Ritz & Korean Roymedia. That's how they got d name "CnR".

Anonymous said...

I don't think is good for JM to public this information of his contract.
Other companies don't like it too.

Anonymous said...

at 3:11. it is not jung min who released the information but someone from within the law circle.

Anonymous said...

I just read a latest news that JM still insisted to proceed with his activities which had been pre-planned (even if he is not being paid) just bcz he don't want to break his promise to fans and disappoint them. Aaww.... I really feel like crying... :'((

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the rate 8:2 (JM:8, CNR:2).
I think it's too good rate for JM.
If I'm CEO, I don't accept it.

I wonder if is a way to warm up...?