Saturday, June 02, 2012

Highlights from Chendu Fan Meeting & Departure of Hyun Joong from Chengdu

At last night Chengdu fan meeting Hyun Joong sang a total of 15 songs and again made a lot of fans happy once again.  He left today for Guangzhou.  Before I share with you photos when he left Chengdu this morning, let me first give you some of the highlights from the Chengdu fan meeting which I lifted from the tweets of @wangziqi.
  • Hyun Joong, 'CHENGDU fans are full of passion, im touched! i was worried that no fans will come being in chengdu for the 1st time!'
  • He also said, 'In the future, i will be here every year! i noticed that Chengdu fans love to smile, i couldnt help but to smile too!'
  • At the course of the show, fans sang Birthday song to Hyun Joong and said in unison 'I Love You!' Hyun Joong in return said 'I Love You' to the fans in Chinese and thanked them.
  • fans specially prepared panda surprise for KHJ , so KHJ said cutely, 'So many pandas!' keke, the bday song was song in korean
  • KHJ said 'Chengdu fans are as cute as panda'. Fans were all wearing panda hats.
  • During Q&A Hyun Joong said, 'WuHouCi is famous tourism spot in chengdu,love to watch Romance of The Three Kingdoms, now im here for real!"
  • On what he thinks when asked if he thinks that Sichuan girls are pretty. Hyun Joong said 'I think pretty girls is one of the trademark for chengdu, i saw so many pretties'
  • He added 'I was in the car on the road, once i wind down my window, i can see a lot of pretty girls'
  • More of what Hyun Joong said at the Q&A :  he will open weibo account next week, he will be sharing about his life on weibo.  he will be seen more often in China not just for work but also for vacation as well. He also said that if he's seen on the streets, to please smile to him.
  • When asked when is world tour, Hyun Joong said 'Early next year.'
  • Hyun Joong said  'I love You' in 5 different languages, Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese and Chengdu hubei dialect
  • KHJ give present to a lucky fan.. u know what he gave her? TFS products he brought over from korea..
  • He was asked about which Chinese actress u want to work with the most? Hyun Joong replied 'I have been following the chinese movie updates, u will see me in chinese movie in the future.'
  • He is 'making' cake on the spot. specially 'tailored' for each of the 3 lucky fans. 8 ingredients, making one each based on their appearance
  • there's ingredients for dumplings... i thought he is making a cake!
  • 1st cake, he took a few looks at the fan, used dumpling and prune ingredients, made a face
  • 2nd cake, used 'finger cookies', reason is that the fan is wearing stripes
  • the third fan will get my cake, together with the earring he wore~
  • the third fan is sooooo lucky~~ khj only sang (marry me) for her, at the same time making the cake for her

Today, 2nd of June via Air China CA4307 Hyun Joong left Chengdu for Guangzhou where a  fan meeting today at Guangzhou Teanhen Stadium at 8PM is scheduled. Here are photos at the airport this morning.  @Thanks to @wonderrrgirl fo the tweets. Original credit on the photos.

Fans waiting at Chengdu to see off Hyun Joong.

Much thanks to LoveKimHyunJoong 
@LoveKHJ for tweeting this.

And here is a photos of fans who waited at Hyun Joong's arrival in Guangzhou courtesy of Hyunbar66.

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