Monday, May 28, 2012

Photos & Vid from Rule the Sky Charity Soccer Match 05.28.12

The charity soccer match in which Young Saeng and Kyu Jong will be participating is tonight. The match is  between the 'Rule the Sky Soccer Team' and 'GuDi' at GuRi WongSookJae Park started earlier and probably still on going. The charity match wherein  heart disease patients are the recipient is a project of JCE ( popular mobile social game ‘Rule the Sky’.

The Rule the Sky team is composed of JCE employees and the GuDi team is made up of idols and actors such as Kyu Jong, Young Saeng, Jo Han Sun, Dong Ho of UKiss, Yoon DuJun of Beast, Lee SaeJun of Yuri Sangja and more.

Here are some photos tweeted by @rule_the_sky

This one is courtesy of @seunghye501.

And this is courtesy of @mukamuka_Ys shared on Twitter.

There will surely be quite a lot of photos later as fan clubs I believe are the the park to watch the game and cheer for their favorites.

To end this post, let me share this video by BestFriend wherein link was tweeted by tweeted by @cll_slam10.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see ys in action!! hope there will be fancams later~

Anonymous said...

young saeng so cute ^^ but anyone knows where is kyu jong,did he attend the charity soccer? coz i didn't see his picture.

Anonymous said...

wow young saeng become captain?? hehe ^_^

Anonymous said...

i love young saeng, but please also share kyu, thank you !'

Anonymous said...

kyu ?!

Anonymous said...

yeah youngseang can play three kinds of sport games.....we want to see more youngseang in the internet everyday!!!