Friday, June 01, 2012

Surge of Pix of Hyun Joong from PressCon & Hi5 @ Chengdu 05.31.12

Set of photos of Hyun Joong at the presscon and Hi5 in Chengdu is coming through. Much thanks to 00lanse for sharing these photos in Baidu which came from 大娱网(

Though tired due to lack of sleep and rest, Hyun Joong still give his best smile to the fans who queued for the Hi5.  I hope that tonight Hyun Joong can take the much needed rest and sleep, though I read that the practice for June 1's fan meeting just ended.


Anonymous said...

Good luck for FM on 1 Jun.

Anonymous said...

I just read on twitter that the organizers were putting the blame on the fans and HJ for what happened during the hi-5 session. This isn't good. Poor HJ. :(