Saturday, June 02, 2012

[Vid] Young Saeng's Music Core Performance 06.02.12

Here is Young Saeng's 'Intimidated' and 'Crying' performance in Music Core today. Much thanks to  for sharing in YouTube.


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XinLin501 said...

all music core perf videos got blocked or removed. . .they are really fast in finding them. . .sad i want to watch it :(

Xezona said...

Dear Triple S This is VERY VERY important!

We Triple S Poland made a petition for SS501 Comeback! We have to reach our goal 1,000,000 signatures! We know they won't just ingore it. So our idea was to create that to show them how much they are needed! I hope All Of You understand us.

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Triple S Poland

Anonymous said...

YS has been doing so well as co-producer in this album - totally YS style. His stage performance and live singing is perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Why pressure them to get together? Let them do it when they are ready. They are under a lot of pressure as is. They don't need it coming from the fans. Just love and support them in whatever that they are doing now. When they feel the time is right, they will reunite.