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[Aritcle] News on ROMEO

Super loads of thanks to @charismajo of PJM IFC for this and to @yann. Of course thanks as well to 피오나 of PJM IFC for doing the translation.

I am certain many are dying to know what/who ROMEO is all about and how is Jung Min. Check this article to know more.  Btw, Jung Min said that ROMEO's sexy point is his navel ^_^  did you see it in the previous vid that I posted HERE?  Check it out as I think JM has too. ^^


[Trans] News About ROMEO from Tower Records Online
Translation: 피오나@PJM IFC
Full credits to [Park Jung Min International Fans Club]

The member from a popular Korean boys group SS501, Park Jung Min is also active as an actor. On 5th September, he had first revealed his single "Give Me Your Heart" in Japan with another personality ROMEO.

For this ROMEO, music producer Jeff Miyahara who produced songs such as JUJU and the creative director for UNIQLO kicked off the activities. Japan's representative creative director Noriyuki Tanaka took the lead and creators from Japan also participated. A different character which hid in the subconscious of Jung Min, who is fluent in Japanese, woke up at night with his uncontrollable urge but disappeared under sunlight.

In today's showcase, two songs were revealed, the first song in the single "Give Me Your Heart" and the second song to be revealed on 31st October "Tonight's the Night". The audiences were attracted by the extremely bewitching tune with the sexy dance performance.

Then, Jung Min Park appeared as a special guest. He said, "Everyone looks like me in Japan. When I heard that some people imitate Jung Min,  I always think how he looks like. While I was thinking about this, I came to the venue. And suddenly, I was attacked by the sandman, and the ROMEO I met was different every time." Knowing that ROMEO was not at the present venue, MC Yumi exclaimed "No way~!" with a face of amazed expression.

"ROMEO and Park Jung Min are two different persons, so please do not be fooled." Even with precautions, he also told the story "I have heard the rumors, ROMEO's music is cool and great. He looks like Jung Min, but with very dark makeup...." When MC Yumi talked about the coolness of ROMEO, she asked "You always said you have sexy charisma, so what is it?" "You may have a glimpse of the navel in the dance. And this is ROMEO's sexy point.", he answered. "So cheap!? I think it is impossible to show the body. I don't want to show it on stage! But ROMEO seems to have a distance with sexy. Practically I feel that there is a difference between being called sexy and the reality.", he said.


I am sharing here as well the original article in Japanese as well as the translation in English..

SS501朴政珉的另一人格 ROMEO於日本率先發行 / The other personality of SS501 PJM, very first reveal of ROMEO in Japan
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カテゴリ : ニューリリース  ニュース  |         タグ : K-POP
掲載: 2012年07月12日 21:39

韓国の人気ボーイズ・グループ、SS501のメンバーであり俳優としても活躍するパク・ジョンミン。彼の別人格であるROMEO(ロメオ)が、9月5日にシングル“Give Me Your Heart”で日本先行デビューをすることがあきらかとなった。

このROMEOには、JUJUなどのヒット曲を手掛ける音楽プロデューサーのJeff Miyaharaと、ユニクロのクリエイティヴ・ディレクターとしての活動をはじめ、日本を代表するクリエイティヴ・ディレクターとして活躍するタナカノリユキという、国内のトップ・クリエイターが参加。日本語が堪能で親しみやすいキャラクターで知られるジョンミンの潜在意識に眠っている別人格=ROMEOは、彼の抑えきれない衝動と共に夜目を覚まし、太陽光を浴びると消えてしまうのだという。

本日行われたショウケース・ライヴでは、ROMEOのファースト・シングルとなる“Give Me Your Heart”と、10月31日にリリースされるセカンド・シングル“Tonight's the Night”の2曲を披露。激しく妖艶なアッパー・チューンに乗せてクールでセクシーなダンス・パフォーマンスを繰り広げ、観客を魅了した。


「パク・ジョンミンとROMEOは別の人ですから、だまされないように」と念を押したあと、「僕が噂にきいた話では、ROMEOは音楽もすごくかっこよくて、アーティスティックな人だと。ジョンミンと似ているんだけれど、化粧がすごく濃いって……」とコメント。MCのYumiがROMEOのカッコよさについて語ると、「僕も普段はセクシー・カリスマって言われているけど、どっちがセクシー?」と問いかけ、「おへそがチラッと見えるようなダンスをするROMEOがセクシー」と返されると「そんなに安い!? 体を見せるなんてありえないですよ。僕はステージの上から見せられない! でもROMEOはちょっと距離がある感じのセクシーさ、僕はリアルな感じがするセクシーさっていう違いがあると思います」と語った。


(嘗試為大家翻譯, 請幫助校對)
翻譯: 피오나@PJM IFC
轉載請注明 [ 朴政珉國際後援會 ]

韓國人氣男子組合SS501的成員,並以演員身份活躍的朴政珉,以另一種人格ROMEO (羅密歐),在9月5日於日本率先發表單曲"Give Me Your Heart"。

為了這名ROMEO,製作JUJU等流行歌曲的音樂製作人Jeff Miyahara、Uniqlo的創作總監首先開始活動,由日本代表性的創作總監敬之田中帶頭活動,並有國內頂尖的創作者參與。懂流利日語的政珉之潛意識中沉睡的另一人格=ROMEO,按捺不住內心的激動於夜間醒來,並於陽光下消失。

於本日舉行的展示會中,彼露了ROMEO的第一首單曲"Give Me Your Heart",和將於10月31日發表的第二單曲"Tonight's the Night"兩首歌曲。強烈迷人的曲調配上性感的舞蹈,把觀眾吸引住了。

然後,作為特邀嘉賓的朴政珉登場。他稱,「在日本,我跟誰看來都一樣,但聽說有模仿政珉的人,我一直都想是怎樣的」。當我正思想的時候,就來到會場附近,突然睡魔襲擊我,每次見到的ROMEO都不一樣。已知道此際ROEMO不在現場的MC Yumi吃驚地說「這是不可能~!」,並臉上露出驚訝的表情。

雖然事先說明「朴政珉和ROMEO是不同的人,不要被愚弄」,但也表示「我聽到傳聞說,ROMEO的音樂也非常帥,是像藝術家般的人。但很像朴政珉,只是有很濃的化妝...」MC Yumi談及ROMEO的帥氣時問,「你常常說你具有十分性感的魅力,究竟是哪方面性感?」。「舞蹈時有時候會看到肚臍,這就是ROMEO的性感」,他回答。「那麼便宜!? 我覺得是不可能露出身體的。我不想在台上露出身體! 但ROMEO跟性感好像有點距離,我實際上覺得,被稱為性感其實存在著差異。」,他說。


Anonymous said...

Simply awesome!!! What amazes me most is how he transformed from a total cuteness JungMin into complete hotness Romeo within minutes on the same stage, same time!

Anonymous said...

so so glad to see our Sexy Minie working hard. Fighting oppa !

Anonymous said...

the interviews confused me for a bit..LOL
so what i understand is he wants his stage name to be romeo not jung min? right?? XD

Anonymous said...

His new songs are the same like "Not Alone".

Anonymous said...

@10:19 Good, because I love "Not Alone". ^^

tetsu_girl said...

been waiting for eng trans of some of the jap articles. thanks for sharing, y'all! :D

heehee JM is Sexy Charisma even when relatively conservative, but "Romeo" isn't afraid to show off his skin. omo~ ;P

but seriously, this dramatic jrock persona totally matches JM, and i really hope he releases more than 2 singles as Romeo (in Korea, too, pls!)