Tuesday, July 31, 2012

S/Tweet Treat from Jung Min 07.31.12

And he finally tweeted! Not once, not  twice but thrice (ei, sorry for posting the last tweet just now 6:51pm 08.01.12, been very busy the whole day).

Hey, something that TripleS have been waiting since the good news arrived today.

Here are translation of Jung Min's tweets courtesy of @xiaochu1004 on Twitter.
JungMin0403:  thanks to people who worried for me, I am able to start activities afresh~^^ I will repay by working even harder~!! Strength~~!!! + bonus photo~!! With JunRae~^^

JungMin0403:   one more bonus pic~~^^ during family outing~ peeling egg (shell)~~~!!>_<

JungMin0403 : twt ah..typo.. With a hardworking 'self' heehee~^^ Because of this typo~ bbonus!!^^


Anonymous said...

jungmin is the best!! i hope he tweets more often. in fact i thought of him this morning, i was thinking sadly that now that kyu is in the army there will be only two boys tweeting, it feels a little lonely. i hope jungmin tweets more often, he makes the whole twittersphere lively!

Anonymous said...

I was screaming like crazy when his tweets appeared ony tweeter.... WwwoooWwweeee!!!!! It had been d awesomest day! :)))))
Btw, is that his new "son" JunRae? XD

Anonymous said...

I cannot express how happy I am to see Minie's tweets. (: can't wait to see more from him. (:

Anonymous said...

New doggie name is JunRae???? As in Hyung "Jun" & "Rae" (my name!)???? Wwwwooooo...... I'm going crazyyyyyy......., XD XD XD XD

Anonymous said...

He looked adorably cute w/o make-up and look just like any typical boy next door. I felt like taking a big bite out of him!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

jung min is adorable..he still cute..why all of them so cute..

Ling said...

yay! Jung Min has won his case. He is free. Free to appear on tv and spotlight for us again!