Friday, July 06, 2012

[Eng Subbed] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng KBS Arabic Interview

Last June 15, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng both went (separately though) to KBS to have an interview with the MCs of KBS World Arabic Radio.  The unsubbed videos have been uploaded earlier and have been shared on the sidebar.  Now, with the English subbed videos are out I am sharing them here.

Much thanks to for translating Kyu Jong's interview and to for doing that of Young Saeng's interview

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Anonymous said...

ahhh if its kyu all is come this man thinks so positively? he's really the sweet of him always thinking other thing i love about SS501 boys are they're not shy showing theirs tears to evryone.aigooo!!and i love how the MC's ask him to sing those's just prove how angelic kyu's voice. he can sing live and on the spot! amazing! youngsaeng-ssi co cute..proud TS here! our boyss daebak!

Anonymous said...

kyu is always willing to put the others first and let them shine, he will never wants to be the spotlight; he always let the others speak despite he is a great communicator; he always try his best to let the ts have hope for the group, he is the reason we keep our faith on.
kyu, our ts president, fighting

Anonymous said...

What ts president? Kyu? Since when? Need updates please.

Anonymous said...

yep, from the begging to forever love in our hearts he is our president.
he has done enough for us, but we haven't reward his caring-love yet. to make us triple s dream come true, he does all he could to bring the members together. he decides to join the army easier although he is the younger, the reason is to unite all 5 together by this opportunity.
he is always willing to make any sacrifice just for us.
sure he loves us with his whole heart. kyu, our pure angel!

Anonymous said...

love our lovely kyu, he is so adorable :)
ys too