Monday, July 16, 2012

City Conquest : Day 7 Update

By now everyone knows already that 'City Conquest' has already started filming on the 10th of July. First shooting day kicked off in Nikko Edomura theme park in Japan.

On the first day of filming, photos of Hyun Joong in kimono and Geisha attire were uploaded in several SNS. Since the first day of shooting until now, the actors and filming crew are passionately filming scenes despite the temperamental weather in Japan. I guess the weather plus continuous filming until early morning of the following day attributed Hyun Joong's falling ill during the premium events.

In some entertainment portals in Japan today, official photos from the shooting sites have been released. In the news together with the photos below, it was said that Hyun Joong is regularly exercising to show us a more muscular form and that he is reducing his body fat to only 7 percent (hee, I bet he's only eating chicken breast which is the regular diet of those peeps reducing their body fats).

For today which is day 7 (or 6?)  of the filming, @baebb of LoveKHJ shared some updates from the shooting location.  Here is baebb's tweet:

2012.07.16 CC Filming Updates
info source:
  Japan staff working on the drama
original in Chinese: 彌凌伊
translated into English: BB @LoveKHJ

Day 7: today's filming is (mainly) action scenes. HJ was vert focused on observing and studying the action team's karate demonstration.

The PD said HJ will appear even more dashing this time around.

Although filming has been carrying out continuously under the scorching sun, still wanna pray that there'll be no rain till the end.


Anonymous said...

My oh my..the more I read and know about the updates of the drama, the more I'm dying to watch it.
Nice smile leader...

Anonymous said...

Haha who take HJ's right hand? Jungyumi? I envy her so much!!! Hyunjoong Is very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

HJ take care. Fighting! Looking forward to this drama.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this drama!