Monday, July 23, 2012

[Articles] Kyu Jong Officially Enlisted 07.23.12

There are many articles on several portals today but they are basically the same. I am sharing here one articles from AllKPop courtesy of VITALSIGN and  @shirbo21 shared with me. Much thanks!


[News] SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong enlists in the army
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

[liezle:  I changed the photos from AKP's post to this collage from Newsen as well] 

On July 23rd, SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong made his official enlistment in the Korean army and began his four weeks of training at the Junju recruit training center.

After his month of training, Kim Kyu Jong will be serving as a public service personnel for the next two years. A representative of his agency stated, “Heo Young Saeng will be at the scene of Kim Kyu Jong’s enlistment to bid his friend farewell.” However, in addition to Heo Young Saeng, fellow member Kim Hyun Jun also bid his farewell to Kim Kyu Jong.

Kim Kyu Jong was actually eligible for exemption from the mandatory enlistment law for being a type B hepatitis carrier, but changes in the law terminated the exemption and switched his position to that of a public service personnel.


[News] Kim Kyu Jong Enlists in Army "Feels Realistic When I Took Off my Hat"
Source : Arts News
Korean to English Translation by shirbo21 /

Group SS501's member Kim Kyu Jong entered the Junju 35th division recruit training center on July 23rd afternoon.

On this day, he cut his hair short and wearing simple cloth. Kim Kyu Jong said "Time really flies" "Heo Young Saeng and and Kim Hyung Jun came here to support me. To everyone, thank you. I will come back healthily".

With around 500 Korean and foreign fans to send him off, Kim Kyu Jong will serve as a public service personnel after receiving 4 weeks of basic military training.


Anonymous said...

Do public service personnel get to go home everyday after work, except for the one month basic training? The only thing I know is that they cannot work in the entertainment industry while serving the military. Kyu Jong, I will miss you, 2 years is a long time. Take care.

liezle said...

@8:25. thanks for dropping by.

servicing public office is just like any other employee (8 hrs of work if it applies). they can also go on vacation/trips. and you are correct about entertainment stuff.


Anonymous said...

i feel so down today, like 1/5 of me is gone. i hope he tweets something occasionally!